Saving €9.650 Worth of Development Thanks to Code-Free Prototyping

Challenges during app development process

Building an application is a complex and challenging task. In your app development process you need to go through quite a few stages,  such as pre-design, design, development and support.

Ideally, the end result should be as user-friendly as possible and implemented in a time- and cost-efficient way. (And it is worth saying that prototyping is one of the keys to a successful final product here!)

So, imagine you’re building a software product from scratch and your team of designers has about a thousand ideas for new and exciting features. How do you determine which features will make it for the first release, which belong in future releases and which features simply won’t make the roadmap?

However, since it is the first time designers experience how users behave with the prototype, and learn whether or not the implemented solutions have been successful, it doesn't make sense to produce a finished product for the users.

How saved €9.650 Worth of Development in Immoscoop’s Product Roadmap?

Immoscoop is one of the leading online real-estate platforms in Belgium. You might have guessed it: they are rebuilding their platform … from scratch! Amongst the many features sported by the platform there is a single crucial one: showcasing houses that are relevant to a specific user. Yet, this seemingly “simple” feature raised an equally simple but crucial design question:

How do people specify their housing criteria?

The Immoscoop team identified two groups of search filters (i.e. basic and advanced)  that enable users to specify their criteria. Before developing all sixteen of these filters they decided to build a prototype of the platform’s search functionality and test it with users to determine which filters were essential, optional or redundant.

Beyond Clickable Prototyping

To see how people search for houses on the platform, it was crucial to test using a high-fidelity prototype. This prototype would not merely mock searching behaviour but enable users to actually search for houses in a minimal database. Furthermore, the search would be based on their real-life preferences.

Starting from a Figma design, Immoscoop decided to use to turn the design into a functional web app. You can try out the app and check out its original design in Figma below.

Validating at Scale

In collaboration with Buffl we enlisted 100 people that are currently looking to buy or rent a new house. These people were tasked to find their ideal house using the Immoscoop prototype. The data analytics embedded in enabled Immoscoop to track how users navigated the prototype and which filters were most used.

These analytics enabled Immoscoop gain insights and reduce the list of filters needed for an initial launch of their platform from sixteen to three. This saved their development team (5 FTEs) 2 weeks’ worth of development!

Click ordering on a single screen

Overview of a single user session

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