Rapidly build and deploy prototypes for market research

Market Research
Sometimes a Google Form or Typeform simply don’t cut it. You already have your design assets in Figma ... why not generate a fully custom survey from that?

Weave.ly is a code-free prototyping tool that brings your market research to a new level. Increase response rates by generating fully working surveys form your Figma designs with drop downs, conditional logic and data storage.
Features offered by weave.ly
  • Working inputs
  • Drops down, radio buttons, etc.
  • Conditional Logic
  • Data storage
market research

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Let's face it: whether you're a private user or a company, filling out forms is often a tedious experience. Customers don't like wasting time on countless fields, and businesses fear high drop-off rates at this stage.

That's why designing forms with user experience in mind is crucial. Using design software allows for higher customisation and ultimately, better conversion rates. So forget about Google Forms or other form building software. Instead, design your surveys in Figma! We'll take care of the rest, from testing to launching your survey. Click to read this article and learn how to easily launch a survey using a Figma plugin.
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