Rapidly build and deploy prototypes for financial services

Capturing the right data from users, and showing them the numbers that are relevant to them. What else is core to most fintech products?

Clickable prototypes don’t allow you to truly witness this behaviour. “Imagine your data here” ... sounds familiar?

Weave.ly is a code-free prototyping tool that brings your financial service prototypes to a new level.
Features offered by weave.ly
  • Working inputs
  • Rendering user input dynamically
  • Conditional logic
  • Store user data
Financial Services

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Prototyping in the fintech industry demands a high level of precision from UX design teams due to its data-driven nature and emphasis on user data security and privacy.
To enhance the user experience and establish trust in fintech products, live data is a vital instrument that allows designers to test features in real-world scenarios.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the various aspects of prototyping in fintech and discuss how you can create live data prototypes with no code. Click to read more  if you want to learn about the difference between real and live data in prototyping and how it can affect your project. Explore how live-data prototypes can streamline your prototyping process and validate the functionality, security, and usability of your fintech product!
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