Rapidly build and deploy prototypes for e-commerce

Building brand loyalty and driving sales wouldn’t be possible without a positive user experience.

Creating fully working prototypes lets you A/B test, refine and validate your ideas to deliver the digital products that convert the most for your e-commerce platform.

Weave.ly is a code-free prototyping tool that brings your e-commerce prototypes to a new level. Test conversion and user flow with functional prototypes.
Features offered by weave.ly
  • Working inputs
  • Rendering real data from external sources
  • Conditional User flow tracking
  • Heat maps

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Immoscoop, one of the top real estate platforms in Belgium, saved €9,650 in development expenses by using code-free prototyping with weave.ly. With the help of our tool, they built a high-fidelity prototype of their search functionality and tested it with users to determine the crucial, optional, and redundant search filters for the initial platform launch.

By doing so, Immoscoop's development team was able to save two weeks of work, avoiding the need to build unnecessary features that would have delayed the launch. If you want to know more about how weave.ly helped Immoscoop achieve these results, read the full article. This case study highlights the importance of prototyping and how it can save both money and time for e-commerce app development
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