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Real user data
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Install the Figma plugin for free

Design your interactions directly in Figma

Start designing in Figma, same way you always do! Nothing new so far…
Design your interactions directly in Figma

Assign functionalities to specific layers of your design

Use our plugin to select layers and assign functionality to input (text inputs, Camera, QR code scanners) or output data (lists, maps). And that’s how you turn simple rectangles into free functional input fields. Just like that.
Assign functionalities to specific layers of your design

Connect building blocks to bring your data interactions to life

Link components to determine how data flows across your design. For example, you can trigger certain interactions based on user input (text values, selection options, etc.) or ask your user to take a picture and re-use it somewhere else.
Connect building blocks to bring your data interactions to life

That’s it. Your prototype is ready. Now go user-test the hell out of it!

Your design is now deployed as a progressive web app. Go ahead and get it tested on your users' devices.
Progressive web app

Analyze user data to learn more from your tests

Find out how your users interact with your prototype. Our tool allows you to back up your user research by analyzing all kinds of usability metrics, such as heatmaps, time-to-completion or sentiment analysis.
Analyse user data to learn more from your tests

Choose from a rich collection of interactive components to implement

You want to create a prototype that works and appeals to your users. offers you a range of components that can be included into your prototype and allow you to do real user tests.
Line Chart
Text Input
Image Recogniton

Not quite convinced yet?
Let's put it like this:

Receive live user analytics

Thanks to our advanced analytics and user data, you can back up your user research with usability metrics such heatmaps, time-to-completion or sentiment analysis, but also adapt your designs to the needs of your customers. Get to know your prototype’s pitfalls and make it a real gem. We’re sure you’re aiming for the stars.

Enjoy real human support

At we are always here to help. We have a team of actual real humans who know their stuff and are ready to support you. You won’t be hearing ‘please hold the line’ from us and we won’t take you round in circles. We’ll have an answer for you just as soon as we figure it out.

It'sfreefor internal use

You just want to prototype and test with your colleagues or just for yourself? Then you don’t pay a penny. We are very transparent about our prices and want to be affordable for everyone. We only ask a small monthly fee when you want to share your prototype with the outside world.

Capture & reuse data input

Test like you’ve never tested before: not only do we use real user data to make a realistic prototype but you can also deploy your design as a progressive web app on your users’ devices. How? By taking the data that your users entered and using it in another part of your design later on, you can make it look like your prototype remembers what a user entered in a previous phase of the testing process.

They are already excited. Now it’s
your turn to fall in love 💚

Max Vranken
Pàu, Business developer

“Thanks to we were able to create a functional prototype from Figma. Our users were able to enter their data into the app and we even worked with GPS coordinates. This was a crucial step in our client’s pre-sales journey!”

Tom Lahau
Immoscoop, Service Designer

“For only €375 the team turned our designs to a real-life prototype we could let actual clients use as if it were built. This led to a wealth of insights from a single user-testing session. Besides having a great product, they’re also great people to work with.”

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